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Investment in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies!

Your trusted partner for an easy and safe investment in a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio.


Digital currency is our expertise

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The easiest way to invest in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. No collection of different accounts, wallets and no hassle with private keys. Monthly entry and exit possibilities in Euros. We take care of the rest for you.


To protect your cryptocurrency, we have integrated the highest level of industrial security, Ledger Vault (insured up to $150 million). With our registration with the AFM we have also taken the first steps towards regulation. Your security is paramount to us.


With our expertise in traditional investment, data analysis and cryptocurrencies, we have put together an optimal investment strategy. Your portfolio is actively managed by our traders who thoroughly research trends and new opportunities in the market. Always a tailor-made strategy.


Our portfolio consists of a well-considered mix of cryptocurrencies. But at Hodl.nl you do not only invest in a basket of cryptocurrencies. A part of your investments will be managed by trading bots and used to obtain returns from various DeFi services. We diversify your opportunities.


Trading Platform

Automate your trading based on telegram signal groups or TradingView alerts. Use leading edge trading features to minimize risk, whether you are trading manually or automatically.

Code-Free Trading Automation:

Utilize our advanced suite of trading features including multiple entries, concurrent stop and take-profit orders, and trailing stop to maximize your profits.

Optimized trading configuration:

Our system will analyze thousands of signals and configurations based on your channel of choice and will suggest the best trading configurations for each of them.

Manage your exchanges in one place:

Connect your favorite exchanges to view and manage your portfolios. Create trades in all your accounts with any cryptocurrency from a single place.


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Venture Fund

Targeted at $50 million, CA Blockchain Fund offers exposure to all facets of the cryptocurrency and blockchain markets. The venture-style Fund will invest in venture equity, early-stage tokens, and liquid tokens.

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Early-Stage Fund

CoinArmy Early-Stage Token Fund is a discretionary vehicle offering investors exposure to early-stage tokens with liquidity horizons of 2-4 years. The Fund invests in teams building new protocols in the blockchain ecosystem and follows an early-stage, venture-style model.

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Bitcoin Fund

Pleiades funds offer investors actively managed, multi-stage exposure to companies building products and services in the nascent blockchain ecosystem.

How Cloud Mining works?

Learn about our work process. You need to follow the steps below to start your first mining.

Create An Account:

Create a user profile for yourself using the register option and get ready to mining.

Start Mining:

Now you are ready to mine! Increase the mining power on the fly for all the coins using CoinArmy.

Choose Plans:

Top up your balance and buy plans at the most reasonable price.

Get Mining Output:

You will periodically receive mining output from your designated wallet. Try our CoinArmy mining platform now!