Investment funds

Our funds provide investors with the full spectrum of exposure to the space,
ranging from illiquid venture capital assets (including early-stage tokens and
multi-stage venture capital equity) to more liquid assets like bitcoin and other


Early-Stage Token Fund

Coinarmy Early-Stage Token Fund is a discretionary vehicle offering both U.S. and non-U.S. investors exposure to early-stage tokens with liquidity horizons of 1-3 years. The Fund invests in teams building new protocols in the blockchain ecosystem and follows an early-stage, venture-style model.

  • Launch:
  • Management Fee:
  • Performance Fee:
  • Realization Fee:
  • Minimum Investment:
  • Investor Type:
  • Subscriptions:
  • Redemptions:
  • IRA Eligibility:
  • July 2021
  • 0.75%
  • 0.00%
  • 1.00%
  • $100,000
  • Accredited
  • Daily, Upon One Day’s Notice
  • Daily, Upon One Day’s Notice
  • AltoIRA, Pacific Premier Trust Company, Millennium Trust Company, Equity Trust Company, And A Number Of Other IRA Custodians

Bitcoin Fund

CoinArmy Bitcoin Fund is a passive tracker of Bitcoin. The Fund provides quick and secure access to bitcoin while removing the burden of buying and safekeeping coins. CA Bitcoin Fund offers investors daily liquidity and a low fee structure. The Fund is formally structured as a St. Vincent & Grenadines hedge fund and is available to both U.S. and non-U.S. investors.


Venture Fund

Targeted at $100 million, CA Blockchain Fund offers exposure to all facets of the cryptocurrency and blockchain markets. The venture-style Fund will invest in venture equity, and liquid tokens.


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