Cryptocurrency Investments

We create a wide variety (50+) of cryptocurrency portfolio based on innovation, fundamental and technical analyses. All projects go trough an intense due diligence check before getting in the portfolio. It is balanced out in long-term/mid-term and short-term projects. All projects are categorized so there is a strict portfolio management and on-going 24/7 monitoring.

Our experience gives us a cutting edge in the market and makes sure we invest in an early stage of a project for a higher return of investment.

Every end of the month there is detailed progress reporting. Once every quarter there will be a detailed reporting in person (with the new strategy for the next quarter).


Return of Investment

By combining the different investment strategies we can guarantee a 20% ROI based on a 12-month period, based on fiat investment in USD.

Additionally all profits above 20% will be divided equally between the Investor and CoinArmy, 50 / 50 profit sharing.

Additional operational cost will be 1% of the profit, this to maximize the security and will be invested in offline hardware wallet solutions, 24/7 monitoring of the funds, blockchain service and Trading bot improvements.

The market sentiment is extremely bullish and it’s a perfect moment for investing in cryptocurrency. Events like the bitcoin blockchain halving (May 2020) will have a great impact on the price. In good years we generated above the 1000% revenue.

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